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On Sharing

In some relationship some folks really think that everyone has to share everything! I mean seriously there are folks that get upset if you do not share with them. Well Renee is thankful and she loves that I don’t make her feel that way. She wrote:

“338. You don’t make me feel like I have to share.”

I’m excited that she feels that way.

“234. You deal with my incredible impatience.”

She can be impatience but that’s ok it’s only on the minor things and she isn’t unreasonable and she does listen. I have those tendcies as well sometimes I’m sure we all do. It’s all a part of her that I love so much.

The other thing that she said she love is one that will be pretty generic and I’ll just say we still get butterflies :)


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More Pictures!

One of the things that we do is take lots of pictures. It helps us to keep up with our lives. I love that about us as much as Renee does.

“216. We always take LOTS of pictures.”

You can check our pictures out here.

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Where’s my phone?

Are you one of those folks that believe in taking their phone everywhere you go? Well I’m not one of those but yet I do carry it everywhere. Renee believes that it’s very important to carry your phone when you leave. Now that we been together I realize that it is a necessary to carry your phone just in case something happens. Here’s the item that I pulled for the day.

“90. You don’t laugh that I take my phone everywhere.”

I never understood why I would laugh at her for carrying her phone. It amazes me how some folks find so much stuff to laugh at to build themselves up. I’m glad in our relationship we do not have to worry about such things.


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One of the things about playing “World of Warcraft” is that you meet friends that have an impact on your life. Yes people online friendships can have an impact on your life. This leads to the thing I pulled.

“218. You introduced me to Daphne.”

Daph is one of our good friends from Hawaii who has had a great impact on Renee and I. We all play WoW together. Here is a post that is from Renee’s perspective of Daph. I feel lucky to have such a great friend in my life and she helped me through a lot of tough times. I felt priviledge to share my friendship with Renee. Daph i know you are reading this and you know we love you! Thank you babe for loving my friends as much as I love yours!


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