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A-Team? Yes, please!

Howdy folks! Later today I will be posting the two things of the day. I wanted to write up a little something about the awesome weekend I had with Renee. Of course on Friday we headed to our regular spot for our Mexican meal it was really really delicious as always. If you are ever in the Louisville area and you love Mexican you will want to go here!  

Then on Saturday we went to go see A-Team and it was amazing, I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes says. There are a lot of people that really agree with me. If you loved the show this movie takes it to the next level! The did awesome job casting the characters and the chemistry between them was really cool to see.  We grabbed some Five Guys and Fries and ventured home out of the stupid heat. It was extremely hot and us being the adventurous pair that we are we headed to Havana Rumba, a cuban resturant, here in Louisville another place you should visit! Then we left there to come back home for some Dungeons and Dragons with some of our friends over Skype.

Sunday was a truly lazy day as we went out to Waffle House we went to the grocery store and grabbed lunch and dinner because we were not going back out in this crazy weather! So we chilled out played some World of Warcraft, washed clothes and watched some TV. All in all a wonderful weekend! Well folks I’ll cya later today with a post of two things one from yesterday and one from today!


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No I did not forget :)

Hey folks, had a lovely day today. Today is one of those days when I can’t really share with you what this one was. I love you guys and there are some things that Renee and I do keep to ourselves. I’ll say how was your day today and what new things have you learned over the past week? The week is coming to an end and it’s always pretty good to reflect on what is going on. You guys rock and I’m thankful for all of you! We had a nice evening with the in-laws with kabobs, green beans and Corn Cakes it was amazing! I’m so glad that tomorrow is the weekend! Gonna end this evening like I do, on a good note with my lovely lady!


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The Switch to “Tao of Cao”.

Well I moved over to WordPress after a year of thinking of what to do. I’m liking the things that they have done here since I last checked. It’s been a while since I blogged (re: over 6 months). I can’t really say what happened, I been content with life and I cannot complain at all.

So I started this blog originally the blog name was Taco Bell Hero, because honestly who doesn’t like Taco Bell? I know Renee and myself loves Taco Bell. As Renee and I talked about the name of my blog she asked, “Will you like Taco Bell when you are 45?” I quickly answered, “Of course!”. After thinking about it for a while and a funny exchange across twitter my good friend used the phrase “Tao of Cao” and I was like oh my goodness, that’s it! Cao is short for my World of Warcraft avatar, Caoboi. I tend to have something quirky to say in raid or something “mean” but all in all its in good fun. I hope to bring that same thing here as well. If anything it’ll be just for my pure pleasure (I’m easily entertained).

I’m going to try and finish these last 20 days of my 365 things well. I have fallen off the boat and I throughly enjoyed the gift that Renee gave me and I hope it hasn’t been too big of a disappointment when I stopped life had gotten busy and we just have been enjoying life. So thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit!


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Oh no! It may begin!

Alright time to edit this post from wordpress and put my own crap in here, I want to say “Welcome!” to you. Welcome to what you might ask? Well hell if I know I’m a simple man from a simple town with simple ideas… Uhm what? Hopefully I’ll stick to this I might see if I can port my post over from blogspot!

I’m just sayin

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Please don’t spend it on me!

Had an amazing evening with Renee, her sisters(Danielle and Kim) and Demetrius (Danielle’s boyfriend) finishing up So You Think You Can Dance. We hung out and laughed and boo’d when Ade was voted off. All I have to say is Lil-C talks way too much. He verbally vomits when he gives his comments and it aggravates me to no end.

Before hanging with them we went to go see Devona’s, Renee’s cousin, closing program that they have at the end of the summer. It was cute to see all the work the kids did from camp. Before the program Renee and I had dinner at “The Pub” it was amazing I had the Portabello and Pepper Jack Burger this was the first time I had an actual Pepper Jack Burger that was spicy! It was extremely delicious and they cooked just right with a little red in the middle and hot! It was a great way to start the weekend after being on call this week.

I got up this morning and pulled this from the jar:

“250. You don’t want me to spend money on you (but I still want to.)”

This a huge thing for me, it’s not that I’m old fashioned or anything, but I really had hang ups coming up with people spending money on me. What would normally happen is that it would be held over me. It would come off as if it’s a gift at first but then used as leverage. Also I never want to feel like I’m putting some one out. What I mean by that is that I don’t like being an inconvenience and I see that as one way of being inconvenient to someone one. I’m so lucky to have such a caring, loving and funny fiancee I so can’t wait till we walk down that isle.

Thing I love about Renee is that she is such an awesome big sister. Last night when we were hanging out with Kim, Danielle, and Demetrius. Demetrius was picking on us because we all liked “So You Think You Can Dance” Renee told Demetrius “Don’t make me pick on you about something you like that’s funny!” then Renee said something to the effect of “We don’t laugh at you for liking Danielle!” Oh my god, Kim, myself and Renee fell out laughing! Such a big sister thing to say I love her so much and a day without here is never the same. You all have a good Saturday and we are going to Five Guys today and we get to see what all the Hype is all about. I hope its as good as everyone says it is.


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Bobby McFerrin is just too cool!

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

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Oh what a Saturday :)

My dog woke me up early this morning *evil eyes at Toby* but alas I went and pulled my thing of the day and this was today’s thing.

“268. You convinced us to get iPhones (thanks!).”

Here is the picture of Renee as we got our iPhones:

From IPhone Photos

I’m sure she wasn’t happy but she was still trying to figure out did we need them. After about one(1) day of having the phones she realized it was a good purchase. Now she can’t even put it down. Today we went out and sent our “Save the Date” Cards. Here is the card for those that may not get one :)

From IPhone Photos

From IPhone Photos

So after doing that we hung up our Commissioned Art we had made.

From IPhone Photos

I love the look that Renee is giving me in this pic. Then after that we ended my little project of how much pocket change I could collect. After we counted everything up…$150!!!!!!!!!!!! :) was pretty cool :)I think this time Renee is going to join in for real and we might get over 300 this time! woot!


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Picture frame as promised.

Here is the finished frame as promised.

– Peesh!!

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Whew oh what an awesome day!

I know, I know…I hear you all screaming at me how much of a slacker I am. Well I’ve had a full day and it was my day off! So today woke up and pulled my thing from the jar of 365 things that Renee loves about us and myself and here’s what was pulled.

“283. We can /reach out to one another if we need to.”

I know when everyone reads that some will think I accidentally put in a “/” when I put “/reach”, well story is…I didn’t. See for of those that may be new to our relationship, Renee and I’s first meetings were on a game called “World of Warcraft”. Well in this game there are certain actions you can do by putting a “/” in front of it like “/hug” to hug someone or “/silly” to tell a joke. Also with the initial distance between us a way that we communicated some was via IM or however. You can see here how technology helped. There were times when we would feel alone or just need a second to have someone there and we would often do a “/reach” over an IM client or text message just to possibly receive a “/hug” or “/comfort” back from the other.

Some probably think that is cheesy and sickening to the ends of the earth but this is something that worked for us…and even to this day it does. If we are having a rough day at work or something and if we can’t call we’ll send a quick text message or whatever with six simple characters “/reach” and often what will come back is a “/love”, “I love you baby”, or “Baby, What’s up?”. It’s amazing to know that we have someone there to have our backs till the end. The words from one of the songs that explains Renee and us is “You Make Me Better” by Fabolous here’s a few of lines that explain how I feel Renee makes me better.

“I’m a movement by myself, ooh, But I’m a force when we’re together”
“[She's]The sag in my swag, [She's the]pep in my step”
“Dynamic duo, Batman and Robin”
“I’mma need Coretta Scott, if I’m gonna be King.”

That woman makes me better and I love her so much for it. She brings out the things in me that I never thought was there.

OK…that’s part of business is taken care of so today we took the day off. I was hoping to go back home to Mt. Airy, NC
but the economic crisis is hitting everyone even the Valentine Household so this morning we got up and took Toby to Petco for his defurmination(they seem to do a better job than us). Then we were off to Cracker Barrel and here’s a snapshot of my plate :)

Then we went to Garden Ridge and picked up somethings for the house, those things I’ll share once we get them up on the wall :). Then we went and got 2 new video cards for our computers. We got the EVGA 9500 GT

Then we went to the Half Price Book Store got a book or two and went and got Toby. We came home because man it was hot out ;). So we put our cards in chilled out and waited till about dinner time(we went to O’charlie’s and it was yummy!!)

Then went out to eat. Afterwards we went to pick up our comics from the comic book store and two booster packs for the World of Warcraft Miniatures game that we might play this weekend.

Tonight we plan on watching the Harry Potter’s to catch up for the big release this weekend and other fun stuff. So tomorrow I’ll post in the morning like I normally do. Hope you all had an awesome Friday!


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My new plant

What you see here is my new plant that a very close co-worker of mine gave me. She is like my long lost sister because we are alike I so many ways. The plant came from her grandmother inlaw’s plant. Her grandmother inlaw past away several years ago and this plant has been split so many times and it’s amazing that after her passing away she is still passing happiness to everyone through this plant. The plant was th last thing and no one wanted to take it so I want say to zen runner “thank you for sharing the plant with Renee and I and I haven’t forgot the other pot yet :)” I plan sharing this plant onc it gets big enough to split!

– Peesh!!

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